Translation of کُھلنا in English



  1. open

  2. become unstitched, (stitches) to break, be unravelled or untangled, come untied

  3. (tongue) to become loose

  4. (secret) to be revealed or exposed, be solved (of a problem or mystery)

  5. become familiar, be known

  6. be laid bare, be manifest

  7. (skull) to be cracked

  8. sky to become clear

  9. be unlocked

Translation of کِھلنا in English



  1. bloom, flower

  2. be happy, be delighted

  3. crack (grains in roasting or parching)

  4. look well, look beautiful (of colour or dress)

  5. crack, burst (as a wall)

  6. to show itself or its effects (of moonlight or stars)

  7. to show the effects (of intoxication)

Translation of کھلنا in English



  1. rankle, be disliked

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