Translation of کانٹا in English:


Pronunciation /kɑ̃:ʈɑ:/

masculine noun

  • thorn
  • fork
  • fishing hook
  • weighing scale
  • weighbridge
  • fish-bone
  • quill (of porcupine)
  • hand (of watch or clock)
  • hook (for pulling buckets, etc.) from the well
  • pointer (of balance)
  • spur, a device worn on a rider's heel to make a horse go faster
  • a hooked instrument
  • dryness of the tongue caused by heat or thirst
  • Mathematics proof of sum
  • figurative

    thorn in one's side, troublesome person
    enmity, animosity, malignity
    hindrance, obstacle
    thin or very emaciated person