Translation of چڑھانا in English:


Pronunciation /tʃəɽʰɑ:nɑ:/


  • make or cause (someone) to mount, ascend
  • physically raise, elevate, lift
    climb or embark, place on board, load (cargo on a ship, lorry, etc.)
  • make a votive offering or oblation
  • urge, egg on, impel, incite, induce, make angry
  • mount or fix (on a jig, lathe, etc.), fix a bayonet
    pull the string of bow prior to shooting
    cock (a gun)
  • magnify
  • add a layer or coat (of paint)
  • attack, mount an attack, raid
  • chide
  • gulp down, drink up, quaff (usu. wine)
  • over-praise, praise or laud or compliment exaggeratedly
  • kill
  • make an animal (bull, horse, etc.) mount or copulate with its female
  • roll or push back (sleeves)
  • register, note down