Translation of چڑھانا in English



  1. make or cause (someone) to mount, ascend

  2. physically raise, elevate, lift, climb or embark, place on board, load (cargo on a ship, lorry, etc.)

  3. make a votive offering or oblation

  4. urge, egg on, impel, incite, induce, make angry

  5. mount or fix (on a jig, lathe, etc.), fix a bayonet, pull the string of bow prior to shooting, cock (a gun)

  6. magnify

  7. add a layer or coat (of paint)

  8. attack, mount an attack, raid

  9. chide, scold, berate

  10. gulp down, drink up, quaff (usu. wine)

  11. over-praise, praise or laud or compliment exaggeratedly

  12. kill, execute

  13. make an animal (bull, horse, etc.) mount or copulate with its female

  14. roll or push back (sleeves)

  15. register, note down

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