Translation of چلنا in English:


Pronunciation /tʃəlnɑ:/


  • go
    move, stir
  • start
  • leave, depart
    set out
  • blow (wind)
  • pass (time)
  • be fired, go off (gun, etc.)
  • be in operation, work (machine)
  • break out (fight, fisticuffs, sword fight, knifing, etc.)
  • flow (tears)
  • flourish, succeed (business or enterprise)
  • affect, influence, be effective, be in force
  • continue (from the past), be handed down or transmitted
  • proceed (affair, talks, negotiations)
  • move (pen)
  • be in vogue or fashion, be 'in', be in force
  • last, continue
  • endure
  • lose senses, be out of control