Translation of پُھول in English


Noun (masculine)

  1. flower, blossom

  2. rosette, floral embroidery

  3. spark, flash

  4. figurative

    very dear or delicate thing, a beautiful, innocent child

  5. (in Muslims) the ceremony on the third day after death

  6. (in Hindus) the charred bones of a dead body

  7. white marks of leprosy

  8. white opaque spot in the corner of an eye

  9. suit of clubs in playing cards

  10. the best kind of home-brewed liquor

  11. bell metal, electrum, any alloy of silver and gold

  12. anything light or delicate

Translation of پُھول in English



Noun (masculine)

  1. state of being blossomed, high spirits, enthusiasm, happiness

  2. puffiness

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