Translation of پٹیّ in English


Noun (feminine)

  1. bandage

  2. puttee, strip of cloth

  3. ribbon

  4. tape

  5. piece, part, portion, division of a village

  6. the side of a cot

  7. a row of houses or hutments

  8. roadside

  9. path on a canal or river-bank

  10. hem, border

  11. metallic strip

  12. a kind of sweetmeat mainly made of either raw or refined sugar

  13. lesson

  14. parting of hair

  15. a board to write on

  16. list, catalogue

  17. head band, bandeau, fillet for binding a woman's hair, usually after childbirth

  18. loincloth

  19. ticker, a narrow strip shown on television screen's bottom to flash important news

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