Translation of نواہی in English:


Pronunciation /nəvɑ:hi:/

masculine plural noun


    • things or actions which are prohibited or forbidden in Islam

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    prohibitions, the 'don'ts (used in Islamic religious texts)

    بقول ناصر کاظمی؛ پھر اہل وفا کا دور ہو گا//ٹوٹے گا طلسم کم نگاہی//آئین جہاں بدل رہا ہے// بدلیں گے اوامر و نواہی

    Nasir Kazmi : (roughly translated) Once again loyalty shall be valued, for it will extinguish the the spell of exclusion; The world's constitution amends thus, changing with it the commandments and the prohibitions

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