Translation of مارنا in English



  1. strike, hit, beat, crack, bang, drub, manhandle

  2. kill, slay, shoot, slaughter, take life

  3. make away with, steal, pinch, misappropriate, usurp

  4. brag, boast

  5. conquer, subjugate, defeat

  6. destroy, break, mar

  7. punish, scold

  8. hide, conceal

  9. tolerate

  10. master, subdue, tame (affection, appetite, lust, etc.)

  11. dart or hurl (missile, etc.)

  12. cut, reduce

  13. capture a piece

  14. oxidize or calcine a metal

  15. bat or flutter (eyelids), wink

  16. throw down on the back

  17. perform a sexual act

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