Translation of مارنا in English:


Pronunciation /mɑ:rnɑ:/


  • strike, hit, beat, crack, bang, drub, manhandle
  • kill, slay, shoot, slaughter, take life
  • make away with, steal, pinch, misappropriate, usurp
  • brag, boast
  • conquer, subjugate, defeat
  • destroy, break, mar
  • punish, scold
  • hide, conceal
  • tolerate
  • master, subdue, tame (affection, appetite, lust, etc.)
  • dart or hurl (missile, etc.)
  • cut, reduce
  • Chess capture a piece
  • oxidize or calcine a metal
  • bat or flutter (eyelids), wink
  • throw down on the back
  • perform a sexual act