Translation of لگنا in English



  1. be attached, be close (to), be related to, join (with)

  2. stick, hit, touch

  3. be planted or take root (trees, plants)

  4. be levied, cost

  5. be moored

  6. close, shut (door, eyes)

  7. suit, be pleasing or agreeable

  8. be applied

  9. begin, be engaged (in)

  10. be wounded, smart

  11. be caught or overtaken by (disease), break out (fire)

  12. appear, reach

  13. pay attention

  14. be burnt (curry, etc.)

  15. have sexual intercourse

  16. be arranged (meal, etc.)

  17. feel

  18. marriage be arranged

  19. abut on (building, etc.)

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