Translation of دَور in English


Noun (masculine)

  1. time, times, age, period, era, period of a year, duration, course

  2. revolving motion, cycle, circular turn

  3. progress, development

  4. movement

  5. revolution

  6. a round of drinks

  7. repetition (of a lesson)

  8. reasoning, a kind of argument

  9. perimeter, margin

  10. reign, period of rule, power, authority, dominion, sway

  11. turn or twist (of a rope)

Translation of دَور in English


Noun (masculine)

  1. strings used to sling a basket for irrigation

Translation of دُور in English



  1. distant, remote, far (from)

  2. high, sublime

  3. unaware, unknowing


  1. at a distance, a long way off, far, afar, far away, beyond

Noun (feminine)

  1. distance, remoteness

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