Translation of دم in English


Noun (masculine)

  1. breath, vital air

  2. moment, instant, occasion

  3. life, vitality, energy, spirit, vigour, strength, stamina, mettle

  4. draught of water

  5. ambition

  6. recreation

  7. breath or blast (of a furnace or oven)

  8. puff, whiff, pull, draw of a hookah, cigar or cigarette

  9. dum, stewing or simmering over a slow fire

  10. spring, elasticity

  11. deception, trickery

  12. goodness, virtue (as of medicine, cloth, etc.)

  13. courage

  14. cheerfulness, pleasure

  15. society (as a breathing together)

  16. edge (of a sword)

  17. point (of a spear)

  18. coaxing, wheedling

  19. person, people

  20. the act of blowing after uttering incantations or prayer

Translation of دم in English


Noun (masculine)

  1. blood, life spirit

  2. Islamic Law


  3. son, progeny

Translation of دُم in English


Noun (feminine)

  1. tail

  2. end, extremity

  3. one who follows someone all the time

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