Translation of دخیل in English



  1. possessing, occupying, in possession (of land, etc.)

  2. admitted, allowed entrance

  3. introduced

  4. familiar, intimate

  5. meddling, interfering

  6. Linguistics

    borrowed (word)

Noun (masculine)

  1. friend, accomplice, guest

  2. one who has entered on possession (of)

  3. occupier, possessor, one who takes possession

  4. one who meddles or interferes

  5. one who has firm footing (in any business, post or office, etc.)

  6. Prosody

    (in a rhyme) letter occurring between alif-e-tasees ("الفِ تاسیسں") and harfe ravi (حرفِ روی), as: ت in قاتل and ص in حاصل

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