Translation of بھرنا in English



  1. fill, be filled, stuff (in a box, etc.)

  2. pour, be poured

  3. dirty or defile

  4. suffer, pay for (past misdeeds)

  5. pay a fine

  6. make good (a loss)

  7. stuff oneself with food to eat one's fill, fill the stomach

  8. bear, bear up

  9. mislead or misguide, misdirect

  10. misinform to tell tales, backbite

  11. add colour or paint to a blank thing or space

  12. wind (a watch)

  13. load (a gun)

  14. pay (fee, bill, instalment), clear off (a debt)

  15. (of smallpox) erupt fully

  16. give an offering

  17. (of a wound) heal up

Translation of بھرنا in English


Noun (masculine)

  1. debt

  2. daily expenses

  3. act of filling

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