Translation of بِٹھا نا in English

بِٹھا نا


  1. seat, cause to sit down

  2. enrol (a child in school)

  3. thrust in, fix firmly, stuff

  4. adjust

  5. impress (on the mind), to keep in memory

  6. cause to congeal, coagulate

  7. press down any boil, etc.

  8. install, place on a throne, assign kingship

  9. plant trees, etc.

  10. (of boiled rice) cause to lump

  11. keep a girl as mistress

  12. ruin, destroy, demolish

  13. entrust a tax or levy

  14. gain, realize, gather, collect

  15. make (the heart) sink or faint

  16. establish, set up

  17. keep a marriageable or married girl at home

  18. set a diamond, etc.

  19. arrange composition

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