Translation of بِٹھا نا in English:

بِٹھا نا

Pronunciation /bɪʈʰɑ:nɑ:/


  • seat, cause to sit down
  • enrol (a child in school)
  • thrust in, fix firmly, stuff
  • adjust
  • impress (on the mind), to keep in memory
  • cause to congeal, coagulate
  • press down any boil, etc.
  • install, place on a throne, assign kingship
  • plant trees, etc.
  • (of boiled rice) cause to lump
  • keep a girl as mistress
  • ruin, destroy, demolish
  • entrust a tax or levy
  • gain, realize, gather, collect
  • make (the heart) sink or faint
  • establish, set up
  • keep a marriageable or married girl at home
  • set a diamond, etc.
  • Music arrange composition