Translation of بتّی in English


Noun (feminine)

  1. wick

  2. light, lamp, candle

  3. tent inserted into a wound to keep it open, roll of liner

  4. fuse used to ignite a firework

  5. match

  6. roll of paper, cloth or any soft thing

  7. twisted folds of a turban

Translation of بتی in English


Noun (feminine)

  1. poetic

    word, speech, talk

Translation of بُتّی in English


Noun (feminine)

  1. means of subsistence or provisions for a journey

  2. dish of rice and curd, usually eaten at the time of praying for the dead

Translation of بِتّی in English


Noun (feminine)

  1. boys' game in which a stone is kicked to a fixed place, while uttering the word 'bitti'

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