Translation of اُڑانا in English



  1. cause to fly

  2. cause to raise in the air, flap away, whisk away

  3. set a bird free

  4. fly a kite

  5. eat gluttonously

  6. drive (a horse) very fast

  7. waste, fritter away, spend lavishly, squander

  8. steal, pilfer

  9. spread rumours

  10. destroy, blow off (with explosion)

  11. delete (a word, etc.)

  12. cause to vanish

  13. evade, avoid (a question, etc.)

  14. chop off

Translation of اڑانا in English



  1. put something in the way in order to obstruct or impede

  2. thrust something into insufficient space, ram, insert forcefully

  3. put on, wear

Noun (masculine)

  1. piece of wood, etc. put in the way to obstruct

  2. pillar, support

Translation of اڑّانا in English




  1. (of a goat, calf) bleat, make a loud noise

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