Translation of آنا in English



  1. come, arrive, reach

  2. advance, come forward

  3. fit into

  4. (of a mental or physical state) occur, (of a natural phenomenon, time, etc.) happen

  5. appear, emerge

  6. grow, increase

  7. come forth

  8. incline, be bent upon

  9. get on

  10. be entangled, be taken in

  11. (of rain) fall, come down, drop

  12. befall, betide

  13. (of river, etc.) rise, over flow

Noun (masculine)

  1. arrival, advent, approach

Translation of انا in English



  1. I, me

Noun (feminine)

  1. self, ego

Translation of اِنا in English


Noun (masculine)

  1. vessel, receptacle, container

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