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Translation mini-word marathon: Digital technology


Translation  mini-marathon: 
Digital technology

Do you want to be part of the Urdu living dictionary, and leave your contribution in a fun and easy way? 
Join our Language Manager, Zafar Syed, for our mini word marathon. 

We'll get together online to collect and translate technical and non-technical words related to digital technology.

When?18/08 at 17:00 (local time in Pakistan)
For how  long? 1 hour

What  will you have to do?

Just log in on our online meeting space (desktop or tablet recommended) and have the Urdu living  dictionary open on another window. 
We'll provide all the directions and you can ask questions at any point. 
You will not need to translate more than 20-30 words.

Why  take part in it?

You'll become part of the living dictionary and help preserve digital resources for Urdu, which will then be made available to the community on the living dictionary site. 
You will also have a chance to meet our Language Manager, Zafar, and fellow community members who share a love and interest for Urdu.
And it will be fun.

How do  I sign up?

If you want to join us, click here to register and book a place. 
You will also need to be signed up to the Urdu living dictionary: if you haven't yet, sign up for a free account here.
You will receive an email confirming your booking. If you have any trouble registering or joining the session on the day, please consult our Mini-word marathons' quick guide.

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