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Living dictionaries mini-marathons' quick guide

Taking part in a Living Dictionaries mini-word marathon is very easy.

Just make sure you follow the steps below:

1. Once you have clicked on the registration link, filled in your details and registered, you will receive a link that is unique to you. This will be a 'global.gotowebinar' link, and you will receive it on further reminders as well.

2. If you are not sure that your computer or device meets the minimum requirements, on the confirmation and reminder emails, there will be a link to check system requirements. You will get this link on the reminders as well.

3. Make sure you are also registered on the living dictionary, as you will need to use it during the event.

 Register for a free living dictionary account here >>

You will receive an automatic email with a link to confirm your account.

4. On the day of the event, a few minutes before start time, do the following:

  • Open the living dictionary and sign in.
  • Click your email and click on the unique link you received for the mini-word marathon (the 'global.gotowebinar' link).  
  • Run the application when prompted (it may be a bit slow).

5. If we are late and haven't started the session yet - oh dear! - you will be prompted to wait. Please bear with us!

6. Once we start, the presenter will give you all the instructions you need. 

7. But don't hesitate to ask questions. Press the 'raise your hand' button and we will un-mute you (you will be muted by default at the beginning). You can also send in a question through the chat box, but if you use this function, please write your questions in English.

8. Enjoy the mini-word marathon!

(If you still experience any problems or have questions, please check the GotoWebinar help pages: GotoWebinar attendee guide and the GotoWebinar attendees' frequently asked questions.)

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